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It might seem a little boring to talk finances when there are stunning new homes to look at, but Your Loan Is Very Important: A good loan is going to pay you back for many years to come. 

Don't let your financing be second rate or a second thought!

It is integral to the process. Your financial future and your ability to get the home you really want depend on the lender you choose. recommend that you choose a lender who is HIGHLY experienced and will take the time to truly understand your financial goals and get you a loan product that works for you. I have seen many a sad story of people who just took the first loan that came at them, or worked with a lender who did not fit the loan to their needs. Don't fall into the trap of just shopping the rate of the loan at some 800 number on TV. Terms and conditions of your loan are vital.

I know many lenders and many are very nice people, however, I only recommend three. My recommendations are highly skilled and experienced lenders who will take your best interest to heart when helping you get financed. They will watch out for you and they will make sure you have the right loan and your loan closes properly and on time. Here is my list of preffered lenders that know their stuff and will treat you right.

Carol Peterson 707-290-5167
Scott Criss 619-929-0102
Todd Sherman 760-774-5303

New Consumer protection rules have come into play since November 2016 - commonly referred to as TRID. These laws have mandatory waiting periods from the time your actual loan costs are disclosed to you. It is crucial that the lender you are working with knows how to handle this.  

Did You Know?

FIRST TIME HOME BUYER ALERT: FHA has a plan that allows you to buy for just 3.5% down payment. Imagine owning your own home for as little as $7000 down! There have also been some increases in the percentage that the seller can pay toward your closing costs. Ask about this one!

Another program called the USDA allows you to buy a home in a rural area with a down payment as low as 1.5%! Click on this link to find out if a home you are interested in qualifies as a "rural area". Buying your first home has never been this affordable! Call us today for more details.

Tip: Did you know that if you have not owned a home for 3 years you are considered a first time home buyer under these programs?So what are you waiting for? Call us today to buy your first home with this historically low incentives!

BE PREPARED: A big step in the process is getting fully qualified prior to finding the house you want. Most of the really great homes sell FAST. We will match you with one of our excellent lender partners and get you the maximum credit you can get PLUS you will be ready to go when the right house comes along. 

In November 2015 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created new forms and procedures for residential mortgages. Here is a link to their site. Unlike most government sites I have been to this one and it is very streamlined and easy to understand. It will walk you through what to do from starting to look to comparing loan estimates correctly.  Very useful information!